Viikinkimiekat Suomessa (Viking Swords in Finland)


Series: Kirjokansi 171

Publisher: The Finnish Literature Society

ISBN: 9789522229649

Year: 2018


A sword of the Viking Age was a feared and effective weapon in combat. It was considered as the most valuable of all weapons, and mysticism and supernatural attributes were sometimes connected to it. As an artefact a Viking Age sword reflects changes is fashion and style, changes in combat techniques, as well as the development of metalworking techniques.

The vast number of recovered Viking Age swords in Finland challenges the traditional views of Late Iron Age Finland as a poor periphery. The richly illustrated work tells the lifecycle of Viking Age swords all the way from the smithy to their find contexts.

The book examines Viking Age swords through its context in the Viking Age society. Who carried swords? What did a sword mean to Viking Age people and what kind of values was attributed to it? How the sword functioned as a weapon and in what kind of situations was it used? How were swords deposited where they were found?

Furthermore, a Viking Age sword is handled as a physical object. What kinds of different sword forms existed during the Viking Age? How was the sword made and decorated? What role did the swords have in the weapons trade? The diversity of Viking Age swords are presented through Finnish sword finds, of which a representative sample is pictured vividly.






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Viikinkimiekat Suomessa (2018)

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