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PhD, archaeologist, blacksmith


I have graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in archaeology at the University of Turku, Finland. My doctoral thesis Marks of Fire, Value and Faith deals with Finnish Late Iron Age swords with ferrous inlays.

The book Viikinkimiekat Suomessa (Viking Swords in Finland) is a richly illustrated book about Viking Age swords in Finland and is written in Finnish. The book tells the lifecycle of Viking Age swords by using the vast find material of Finland as an example.

As an archaeologist my areas of interest include the Late Iron Ages, archaeology of weapons, artefact studies, metallography, as well as theory and practice of experimental archaeology. In regard to other cultural heritage, my interests are aimed at ethnological and cultural-historical material.

I have also been trained as a blacksmith by apprenticeship. My ironwork has been concentrating mainly on various edged tools and weapons, and I have managed to utilize my skills also in the field of research.


Contact: mlsmoilanen[at]gmail.com

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Marks of Fire, Value and Faith (2015)

Viikinkimiekat Suomessa (2018)

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