A patinated brass pendant representing a coat of arms.

A brass ring presenting a freshwater pearl between two waves. Designed by Saila Moilanen.

Jewelry from brass and inlaid silver, decorated with freshwater pearls. Designed by Saila Moilanen

A silver ring with two heart-shaped zircons.

A medieval-style cross pendant with enamel decoration.

A brass-cast medieval buckle.

A brass pendant, which has been cast by using a seashell as a model.




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Marks of Fire, Value and Faith (2015)

Viikinkimiekat Suomessa (2018)

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A Viking Age belt buckle cast from brass and fashioned after a find from Birka, Sweden.


A hairpin cast from brass.


Hopeinen tansaniittisormus.

A soldered silver ring with tanzanite.


Messinkinen smaragdisormus.

A brass finger-ring with an emerald.

Hopeinen kaulariipus sinisellä topaasilla.

A silver pendant with a blue topaz.


Tor's hammer pendants cast in bronze.


Pronssista valettu permalainen ketjunkantaja viikinkiajalta.

A bronze-cast Permian chain holder of Viking Age style.


Raudasta taottu sydänriipus, jonka kuviot on upotettu kupari- ja hopealangoista.

A heart-shaped pendant made from iron and decorated with silver and copper overlays.


Raudasta taottu paimensauvaneula.

A shepherd's crook pin forged from iron.

Mokume-gane -tekniikalla valmistetut sormukset. Materiaaleina sterlinghopea ja messinki.

Mokume-gane finger-rings made from Sterling silver and brass.


Raudasta taottu rullapäinen hevosenkenkäsolki, jonka pinta on mustattu tervalla.

A penannular brooch with rolled ends and made of blackened iron.







An acorn-shaped brass pendant.


A brass-cast pendant with J. R. R. Tolkien's monogram.


A moon-shaped brass pendant with a piece of moonstone.

A moon-shaped pendant from patinated brass and silver.

A soldered ring from silver and copper with a zircon setting.

A brass necklace made with the filigree technique. The stone is white jade.